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The Best Field Service Management Software For QuickBooks Users

In the fast-moving and evolving world of 22,000,000 field service employees, documentation can be lost, misrepresented, or not created. Faxing documents such as insurance verifications, order documents, and load numbers is so a thing of the past.

The logistical world has increasingly turned to mobile technology to streamline work in the field in real-time.  Field workers are now turning to Field Service Management (FSM) software. Let’s take a closer look at FSM options and how they can help your business.

What is the Best Field Service Management Software for QuickBook Users?

As with any business, documentation of every item matters. Logistics of transportation, scheduling, and location of items protect both business and employee.

Workers need to be able to itemize hours on the road along with reporting fuel purchases and data quickly and efficiently.

This allows for less time bookkeeping and more time on the field.

Multiple FSM apps have been created with benefits galore. Welcomingly user-friendly, some have assessed the needs of multiple industries and are able to customize the software to your company.

A price tag of $35-$100/user reduces the need for expensive technology, a full staffed logistics department, and multiple record keepers to file paperwork.

With expected revenue of 4.4 billion dollars by 2022 field service companies have a growing need to streamline their work and simplify. According to Gartner research by 2020 over 75% of field service workers will have mobile apps to perform their daily tasks.

Types of software

Multiple types of FSM software are integrated with Quickbooks. Some software are one-way apps while others offer two-way services. The integration of FMS with Quickbooks is vital to save time, energy, and money.

Several apps and software have been created to upload on an Apple or Android product.

App Name                                   Maps Invoice  Scheduling Job status  Customizable

Field Edge                                         X          X       X             X

Field Promax                                     X          X       X             X

Lighthouse field service                      X          X       X             X (duress feature)

Intuit Field Service Management         X           X       X            X

Numerous app options can make choosing one confusing.  Knowing your companies needs simplifies the process of selecting the best fit.

What Do You Need?

Smaller or newly launched companies can benefit from products as long as the software is relevant.  Electrician software would not be compatible for a company whose specialty is house cleaning.

Each app is designed to fulfill a need in the tech-savvy world. For example:

  • Field EdgeProMax – HVAC repair, plumbing repair, and electrician software.
  • Lighthouse – tracking and logging security, real estate and cleaning
  • Intuit FSM- Can be customized to your companies needs and would be best for larger companies with multiple vendors and employees.

One Way or Two Way?

Entering data via the above apps is simplified through the process of integration.  Data is integrated into Quickbooks software on demand. Two-way synchronization is defined as user input being entered in real-time and a response from the cooperating system.

For example, John the plumber creates an invoice via FSM app, this is sent to Quickbooks upon its creation.  Once payment has been made and confirmed

Quickbooks updates their software to reflect the payment has been made and a customer receipt is distributed.

Paperwork?  I’ve Got it!

A company with 15 employees could conduct 4 service calls a day.  These calls result in 60 invoices a day. Further complicating the paperwork trail individual parts need to be inventoried and invoiced.

A business of 15 employees now has over 100 invoices to track in one day or over 500 a week.

Reducing the paperwork load is an incentive to overcome technology hurdles, increasing efficiency in all levels of business.

The utilization of invoice creation, payment tracking, expense reports, and time cards are now created digitally and sent directly from the customer or to the business in real-time.

Quickbooks boast features with employees such as CPAs, over 50,000 advisors, customer service and training programs for you and your employees.

While the FSM app market is growing, change and adaption occur. Training employees with new technology is difficult and requires a learning curve for companies.

Noting the recent research that 50% of Field Service has not fully integrated tech into their business, it’s hard to imagine that a business can attract new customers without an online or easy to access pay option.

Choosing the best app for your business is crucial to get ahead of the competition who is struggling to meet tech demands.  Quickbooks offers support in a way that not only can established companies easily integrate into their business but that new startups can benefit from as well.

On the Move and Saving Money Too

These apps provide many benefits including mobility.  A field service worker can immediately input any concerns or needs into their app. Remembering the phrase if “it’s not documented it didn’t happen.”

Further benefits include a reduction of cost for startups and the reduction of cost for bigger companies. In the past large communication networks were required for new businesses to thrive in the world of logistics.

Now for the monthly price of no more than a tank of gas businesses have an all in one feature at their fingertips.

Communication in all levels of business

From inventory to the front lines a worker can investigate if their company has a part they need in real-time.  Field service management removes the need for workers to drive back to their storage buildings or make numerous calls to locate a much-needed part to complete their work.

Reducing cost, your workforce, improving communication and worker safety are all benefits of real-time communication via an FSM app.  Knowing the best app for your business can save you valued time, money, and a bit of sleep at night.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about how the right FSM app with Quickbooks can help you grown.

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