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Top Five Reasons to Buy QuickBooks Pro

When it comes to running a small business, you need software that helps your business grow. Thankfully, QuickBooks Pro by Intuit is an amazing option designed specifically for small businesses. This product helps to organize your business finances and reports all in one place. This gives you easy access to see reports and fine details. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons to buy Quickbooks Pro for your small business.

Everything in One Place
One of the greatest things about Quickbooks Pro is its ability to encompass your business. Even better, is how easy makes your job. Everything you need is built into one software, meaning you no longer need to question if something is right. You know it is. This allows you to quickly create and customize estimates, invoices, and statements. It also gives you the ability to oversee different vendors by tracking expenses as well as payment. Lastly, it makes the transfer of information from your online banking transactions into the QuickBooks system easily accessible.

User Friendly
Quickbooks Pro managed to make accounting software actually easy to use. The main home page is divided into three groups: one for customers, one for vendors, and one for employees. This keeps everything separate so you know what you’re looking at. Looking for reports? It’s as easy as finding the vendor. Do that, and it’s all there for you to use. No matter if you are integrating from another form of Quickbooks or any other software, switching to Quickbooks Pro and using it is a breeze for anyone to learn.

Automated Reports
A newer feature Intuit incorporated into Quickbooks Pro is automated reports. Automated reports allow you to customize reports the way you want them. Even better, you can schedule them to be emailed automatically. All reports in the system contain reporting filters that find any and all issues for all payroll item details. The Scheduled Reports Center also lets you see every report in one place. It even notifies you when reports are currently active.

Smart Search
Another new addition to their program is smart search. In other accounting software, finding specific clients or accounts is often a hassle and even impossible. With smart search, start typing the information and the clients or accounts will pop up. This means no more memorizing multiple long account numbers. It also means not having to look for them someplace else in order to know which one is needed. The software takes care of that for you and more. It also automatically fills in the text as you type, providing quicker results. Everyone appreciates a job done as quickly as possible nowadays right?

Upgraded Reports System
When you purchase QuickBooks Pro, you also purchase an upgraded reports system. This system contains about 200 reports that check everything, helping your business run better. Not only does QuickBooks Pro cover basic accounting reports, but it also offers more in-depth reports. Some examples include Cash Flow Forecasting, Job Profitability Statements, and a lot more.

As a small business owner, it’s important to use tools that help instead of hinder. By knowing these benefits of owning QuickBooks Pro, you know you have software that is guaranteed to help your business grow. This software has tons of “pros” and not so many cons. It gets it all done and in one place. It also performs tasks as fast as possible. Therefore, with Quickbooks Pro, you know your business is being handled the way it actually should be.

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