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Top Tips To Maximize The Use Of Your Acumatica Software

Business owners who have been loyally using Acumatica software should know that it offers many features that can provide great utility to their businesses. However, chances are that you will also discover that it can be difficult to fully maximize the potential of this software to grant you the competitive edge over other players in your industry. If you are still considering whether or not to invest in it, look no further than your local provider for the best prices on Acumatica services. Below are some of the ways you can definitely take advantage of the powerful Acumatica software.

How to Correct Project Invoice Forms

Under certain circumstances, it can be common to have project invoice forms that are created in error. If you notice that there are discrepancies in your project invoice forms in your outgoing invoices, do not worry because there is always a reason for everything. Chances are that the invoice system chose which form to use according to the mailing setting located in the project screen (PM641000). To fix this, all you need to do is go to the location of the project, look under the mailing settings and deactivate mailing ID = invoice.

Mass Deletion

If you had previously created allocations for your project without turning on the auto-release allocation batches, you will see the ‘Balanced’ status. However, you might run into some trouble when you want to delete the allocation batches that you do not require. If you want to save time by mass deleting the records, make your way to the project transactions entry list. After that, click on ‘customization’ to edit the generic inquiry. Following this, click on the ‘entry point’ tab and choose the ‘enable mass record deletion’ option. Save the changes and head back to the project transactions entry list. Choose the records which you want to delete by checking the boxes beside them and clicking on the trash icon.

Incomplete Imports

It is common for employees to make the mistake of closing their screens prematurely. The same can be said for Acumatica software because it is easy to run import scenarios that are incomplete. All you have to do is navigate to the System Monitor screen and find the import that was incomplete. If you still cannot find it, click on ‘Show All Users’. If you see that the scenarios are not listed, then there is something wrong with the import process. Now you can click on ‘view screen’ to find the import that you want by opening ‘import by scenario’.

Printing Checks

Printing checks can cause many problems to businesses. If the user were to be careless and print our checks before ensuring that Acumatica is still running, it could mean some hassle. This is because of you want to constantly update your Accounts Payable, these checks have to be posted. If you want to change this, click on ‘release payments’ and choose the cash account and payment method. After this, choose the checks that are unposted and proceed to post them.

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