Trends: Industry Performance Widget From QuickBooks

Trends: Industry Performance Widget From QuickBooks

Here’s something for you to play with: QuickBooks Trends – a way to display financial trends from many industries right on your website.

Here’s the data shown for ‘Other Accounting Services’ in Texas (where the bulk of Fourlane’s services belong – certainly not under legal, payroll, CPA or tax accounting services) for all income levels:


Oops – that negative sales growth for the past twelve months is not reassuring. Here are the screenshots for specific revenue levels (no data for $500K-$1M category though):





Less than $100K


Here are more stats for the “other accounting services” category:


According to Intuit, the data used for the figures are “compiled from anonymized data submitted by 1.3 million QuickBooks Online users.”

At this point, we cannot tell whether small businesses are the ones in the better performing segments since the data is not grouped according to number of employees. More in-depth data is available for those signed up for QuickBooks Online.

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