Cycle Counts QuicksBooks webinar

Mid-Year QuickBooks Updates and Cycle Counts (Full Webinar)

Thank you for joining us for our Mid-year changes webinar lead by Fourlane CEO Marjorie Adams. In the Live Demo and Q&A we cover how to utilize Cycle Counts, .IIF import, and the other recent changes to QuickBooks Desktop.


Q: Are these new .IIF features only in Enterprise or in all versions?

A: All Desktop Editions.

Q: I was told making multiple adjustments in inventory is not good and can look suspicoious to an auditor. Can you shed some light on this?

A: Yes, and that’s why you need to keep inventory counting/adjusting on a consistent schedule.

Q: Is the MC40 the only compatible barcode scanner or are there compatible attachments for android devices?

A: The MC40 and an Android device are the only way to utilize the Warehouse Manager App for QuickBooks Enterprise. The MC40 scanner is a scanner device that you use for mobile inventory barcoding compatible to QuickBooks, separate from your phone.

However, there are other Bluetooth scanners for Advanced Inventory that are compatible for QuickBooks such as the Honeywell Voyager 1202g Wireless Barcode Scanner or the Cipherlab 8000 Pocket Inventory Scanner.

Q: Is there a way to see on the dashboard that the adjustment has been made

A: No, you cannot see that the adjustment has been made, the box will just be closed.

Q: Which feature are you most excited about for 2019?

A: There are so many features to take in, especially for inventory. It’s not always the most fun activity, but these new features are important. Definitely bring it up to your customers, particularly for the end of the year inventory management. We can continue to show Intuit that we need certain changes and support them.

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