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What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop 2021 – Webinar

Join Fourlane CEO, Marjorie Adams, as she discusses the exciting product features being released in the QuickBooks Desktop update for 2021. This webinar was recorded on September 9th 2020. With businesses needing to make most of their valuable time, Intuit has made automation a key theme for this year’s update. Some features included in the QuickBooks update are:

  • Banking Transactions Simplified – Saving time is key with Improved Bank Feeds, allowing you to create custom rules to better suit your needs and be more hands-off
  • No Need to Chase Payments – With Automated Statements, you get automatically created statements you can review and send, schedule them to fit your customers timeline and more
  • Ditch the Paper Trail – Control your receipt data with Receipt Management, allowing you to get instant snapshots through the mobile app and automatically import data and store the image for future reference
  • Manage and Connect with Customers – Create and repurpose customer lists based on your needs with Customer Groups, allowing you to even automatically update and include customers that meet criteria to be reconnected for future opportunities
  • Control Your Data – With Data Level Permissions, you can easily delegate limitations to sensitive or confidential data for users without having to worry about constantly having to set up new permissions for granular requests
  • More Customization – Now you can make your business look more professional with Customized Payment Receipts, keeping your brand consistent with your customers
  • Payments and Fees Record Themselves – With a single click, Automatic Payments Reconciliation helps you match payments to their accounting in a flash
  • Easy-to-Follow Download Experience – No more second-guessing when using the QuickBooks Desktop Manager, helping you have the confidence to install or upgrade easily
  • Get Answers Fast – With the Tool Hub, you get the information you need to solve common issues on your all with one tool
  • Easier Access to Funding – You can get access to funds for your business with QuickBooks Capital, using your business history to provide transparent and attractive funding options
  • Stay On Top Of Liabilities – Keep track of deadlines with Payroll Liability Reminders, giving you the time and flexibility to meet your obligations and avoid penalties
  • Set Up Payroll Like a Pro – Its fast and easy to get your business integrated with payroll with the Simplified Payroll Setup for QuickBooks Desktop*
  • Get More Features EasilyPlus Migration lets you switch easily to the subscription services without skipping a beat

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