A commercial retailer gets a new QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise file and more advanced reporting


When a QuickBooks file gets too big, the impact on a business can be wide ranging. For Nathan McCartney and the team at Arctic Food Equipment, their overgrown, out-of-date QuickBooks Enterprise file meant that they couldn’t keep an accurate pulse on inventory.

“We needed to be able to understand what our warehousing situation was and the inventory we had,” said McCartney.

With the issues in the existing file, inventory data wasn’t accurate. Due to ongoing corruption issues and no way to shrink the massive QuickBooks file themselves, McCartney said he needed to find the “surgeon or specialist for QuickBooks.” He was almost at the end of his rope when he finally connected with Fourlane.


First things first: The Fourlane team ditched the corrupt QuickBooks file and built a new one, implementing a data transfer from the old file.

Fourlane updated the Arctic Food team to the newest version of QuickBooks Enterprise, with features that include Advanced Inventory and the Field Service Management plug-in.

As a bonus project, Fourlane helped McCartney tackle something that had been on his wish list for a while: advanced reporting.


After converting their data to a new QuickBooks file, Arctic Food Equipment saw an immediate impact on costing, purchasing and sales.

“Now our inventory’s accurate, so we know what we have to sell,” McCartney said. “We had a smooth transition with a massive amount of data. It was kind of scary, but they walked with us all the way through.”

Arctic Food’s follow-on project produced big results for the business as well. Instead of having to accumulate reports manually, the accounts manager was able to use advanced reporting to get work done faster.

“It took our accounts manager about three hours for payroll and commission each week,” McCartney said. “The immediate impact of what we saved was just incredible.”

Between wrangling the massive corrupt file and setting the team up with advanced reporting, Fourlane gave Arctic Food Equipment exactly the services they had been searching for.

“They were able to do stuff that we weren’t able to find anyone else to help us with,” McCartney said. “We found the QuickBooks surgeons we were looking for.”

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