Corruption banished! Fourlane diagnoses and cleans up a corrupted QuickBooks file for an arborist company


A corrupted QuickBooks file becomes a headache for anyone who’s trying to manage a business’ books. That’s exactly what happened to Cari Holsworth, office manager at Cal-Line Equipment, an arborist and landscaping company.

“Constantly, we were getting aborted out of the file,” Holsworth said.

She needed a partner to repair Cal-Line’s corrupted QuickBooks file and get it cleaned up, so that the company would be prepared to merge another store location’s financial data into the file.


Fourlane diagnosed the problem with the corrupted QuickBooks file, fixed it using QuickBooks Enterprise, and delivered a clean file.

While fixing the corrupted file, Fourlane performed a comprehensive QuickBooks file review, where they identified ways Cal-Line could improve its workflows and feature use.

The Fourlane team shared supporting documentation with Cal-Line Equipment, so that its team could confidently merge the books from its other store location.


It’s been smooth sailing for Holsworth ever since Cal-Line Equipment’s corrupted QuickBooks file was reviewed, diagnosed and cleaned up. She’s found some delightful, unexpected benefits after working with the team at Fourlane.

“Fourlane has shown us a lot of features we weren’t using, improving our efficiency in all locations,” Holsworth said.

As Cal-Line Equipment works through merging its other location’s data into the clean QuickBooks file, Holsworth feels set up for success.

“I’m most impressed with the overall file cleanup, along with the supporting documents for our merge,” Holsworth said. “Fourlane is a great company to work with. The professionalism is there, along with the knowledge.”

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Cal-Line Equipment
Cal-Line Equipment

Cal-Line Equipment sells, rents, and services tree and landscaping equipment and parts to arborists and landscapers. Its team puts an emphasis on education and safety within the industry.




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