Fourlane frees a manufacturer from its unwieldy 12-year-old QuickBooks file, and upgrades to the latest software.


For 12 years, Expo-3 International Inc. used the same QuickBooks file – and the amount of data in the file was finally too much for the software to handle. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 was constantly closing due to the massive file size, causing headaches for the Expo-3 team. And because of an outdated server, Expo-3 had not been able to update the software to versions any later than QuickBooks 2019.

“Fourlane was the first call I made,” said Marcy Van Doren, office manager at Expo-3.


Fourlane helped Expo-3 ditch its unwieldy old QuickBooks file by building a new QuickBooks file and moving two years’ worth of data into it.

Fourlane moved Expo-3 to QuickBooks Enterprise 2022, so that the team can use the software’s latest upgrades and features.

The Fourlane team trained Expo-3 on the solutions they implemented, answering all their questions.


Anxiety levels at Expo-3 have gone way down since getting rid of the crashing QuickBooks file.

“They made an extremely important and stressful situation a true pleasure,” said Van Doren. “The entire Fourlane team has been incredibly helpful – always checking in, extremely educated in individual expertise, always quick to respond to my emails and very flexible in setting up meetings.”

The Expo-3 team is excited about its brand new, updated QuickBooks experience – and the fresh file that doesn’t slow them down anymore.

“Without reservation, I would highly recommend Fourlane’s awesome team when dealing with QuickBooks problems – large and small,” said Van Doren. “I know I can reach out at any time with questions or concerns, and they are there to assist, teach and recommend solutions.”

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Expo 3 International

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