Field Service Management Software

Connect your office, your QuickBooks file, and service technicians so you can schedule more jobs, get paid faster, and worry less about productivity.

$35 per month

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Real-Time Updates
Powerful dashboard full of info, including each technician’s work orders, location, and status.


Easy Job Scheduling
Know what each technician is working on, the status, and the duration of the job


On-The-Spot Invoicing
Save time and improve cash flow by mobile invoicing & processing payments in the field.


Intuit Field Service Management simplifies your business and gives you more control over your people, customers, cash flow and costs. Best of all, it works seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop to keep your financial and field service data in sync. Powerful features include:

  Real-time updates from the field
  Smart work order management
  Efficient job scheduling
  Mobile invoicing, payment & signature capture
  Inventory integration1
  Mobile GPS for location tracking and mapping
  Equipment & customer service history2
  Time card integration3

Intuit Field Service Management Software Experts

Intuit’s #1 Premier Reseller and provider of Intuit Field Service Management solutions.

About Us
Whether you are a small 3 technician company or a large 80+ service technician company, we can show you how to get the most from Intuit Field Service Management.

We can help you understand both the field and the back office QuickBooks financial sides of the business.

Data Conversion
We convert and migrate data from a competing system / software into Intuit Field Service Management, including customers, equipment, service agreements, and more.

File Review
Detailed review of your file to ensure all features & processes are set up and being used properly.

File Set Up
Detailed file setup including: work orders, work zone, company settings, mobile settings, financial back-office, customers, time cards, maintenance agreements, and work order network.

Custom Development
Fourlane is the only Intuit partner authorized to provide custom programming and development services including custom add-ons, reports, file imports and more.

Connection To QuickBooks
Integration and data mapping set up for your Intuit Field Service file to QuickBooks.

Workflow Consulting
We’ll work with you to identify workflow inefficiencies, and make recommendations to improve overall workflow.

Efficient Scheduling

Scheduling (or rescheduling) work orders could not be easier. Intuit Field Service Management gives dispatchers a dashboard-full of information, including each technician’s work orders, location and status. Reassignment and reschedules are fast. When a tech runs late, simply drag and drop the work order to assign a new one.

Bird’s Eye View

With Intuit Field Service Management, you know what each technician is working on, the work status, job duration, arrival time, travel time and hours clocked. Clicking a work order title opens up all job details. You can even edit them. Integration with Google Maps allows you to track your workers and locate customer sites easily. The ability to easily shuffle work orders allows you to minimize travel time and get more done each day.

Equipment Service Data

Store all the customers, contacts and equipment information you need to do the job right the first time. Before a job in the field starts, your technicians know the equipment service history. Information at their fingertips means their first-time fix rates are better and customers are happier.

Wireless Work Orders

Break through the paper bottleneck. With Intuit Field Service Management, you can trade in your clipboards for cell phones and PDAs — so you control processes and information better. That means immediate information on work orders and technician schedules as well as fast rescheduling. And, your technicians clock more job time and less travel time.

Mobile Payments

Using mobile payments, your technicians get “cash on delivery” and you bank your money instantly. There’s no waiting, no double entries and no smudged credit card numbers. Increase your cash flow and reduce the effort it takes to get paid. Cut out invoicing steps in your office, because Intuit Field Service Management, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Merchant Services all talk to one another. Together they record payments as they happen and match work orders with invoices.

Fast Invoicing

Make your parts catalog and price list available to your field technicians with Intuit Field Service Management. Then as they close a work order, they can find and add parts to the invoice. Because your parts list syncs with QuickBooks, your technicians will always have up-to-date pricing.

Time Cards

Easy-to-use time cards on each field technician’s mobile phone eliminate time card errors and validate the technician’s location at clock-in and clock-out. Never wait for time cards to come in again, because they’re already in your system. Intuit Field Service Management creates GPS-stamped “when” and “where” for each time card, so you spend less time reviewing and approving them.

Service Agreements

Create contracts with customers who need periodic service over a length of time. Track contract terms, equipment, schedules and pricing to ensure your contracts are easily fulfilled. Plus, your preventive maintenance work orders are auto-created and easy to schedule right alongside your reactive work orders.

QuickBooks Integration

Track truck and warehouse inventory through QuickBooks Enterprise’s exclusive Advanced Inventory integration. When you set up Advanced Inventory to manage truck inventory, inventory placed on an invoice is reduced in the invoice synchronization process, eliminating the need to reconcile later.


*QuickBooks Enterprise and Advanced Inventory sold separately.

Our Intuit Partnership

Fourlane is one of the country’s top Intuit Premier Resellers and Consulting Firms and has been awarded Intuit’s prestigious Premier Reseller of the Year five years in a row. Fourlane has performed thousands of client engagements across several industries with very strong expertise around QuickBooks implementation, integration and business processes.

“Fourlane’s broad expertise in all of Intuit’s products gives them the ability to provide exceptional service to QuickBooks’ users. As an Intuit Premier Reseller, we count on solutions Fourlane provides to small- and mid-sized businesses all over the country. They are an important part of Intuit’s Reseller channel.”

-Simon Pass, Intuit Reseller Program Sales Leader

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