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Fourlane Named One of Inc. 5000’s Best Places To Work

Fourlane Named One Inc. 5000’s 2021 Best Places To Work

Austin, TX 02/23/22

Fourlane has been named one of Austin, TX best places to work for 2021. A fully remote company, they have been named one of Inc. 5000’s Best Places to Work for 2021 CEO Marjorie Adams had this say, “We are happy to be able to provide an environment where our team can excel. I am proud of the way our team performed, and I think in large part that is due to Fourlane having an excellent work environment.”

Fourlane was also named to Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies for 2021, as well the fastest growing for the SouthWest Region.

“At Fourlane, we believe open communication and transparency create a culture where everyone feels heard and valued. We offer frequent opportunities for employees and supervisors to communicate, including weekly one-on-one meetings led by employees. We also conduct weekly all-staff meetings, weekly team meetings, and quarterly feedback sessions, all with open agendas that allow team members to bring up topics. We are a remote company that allows employees to work where they want, and we recognize each team member’s commitment with awards and honors throughout the year,” says Adams.

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