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QuickBooks Insights – Specialization Creates Efficiency

We at Fourlane have learned a lot from our customers when it comes to the problems they run into with their QuickBooks files. With our services, we try to help the businesses we work with identify the true issues hiding beneath the surface, and walk away better off then when they came to us. That’s why with this QuickBooks Insight series, we hope you can identify with the experiences other customers have faced. This week we discuss Fourlane QuickBooks Insights – Specialization Creates Efficiency.

Today’s QuickBooks Insight Tip #16: Specialization Creates Efficiency

Not everyone can be an expert in everything. If your tax accountant is also a sales tax expert and a software expert, maybe they are spread a little too thin in knowledge. Ford created the assembly line for a reason. You will find efficiencies with specialists.

Commitment Issues

A company that does wholesale and distribution of beauty products came to us wanting a conversion out of Macola, possibly into QuickBooks Enterprise. In the initial discovery call, they were quick to say “they had not decided that QuickBooks was the right software,” or, “The direction of doing a conversion scope sounds right, but I am not making any commitments yet.”

They were also talking to a 3rd party EDI software who claimed to sell QuickBooks and provide a free conversion. They were also talking to their CPA who said they can also do conversions on top of tax and audit.

Our Solution

The customer ended up choosing Fourlane to assist in Change Management during this move from one software into another. They got a pretty accurate estimate and was able to make the Go Live date within 45 days of initial contact. Their CPA was also thankful because although they would have done the work, it wasn’t their specialty so it would have been difficult.

We’re Here For You

Whether you need help with QuickBooks, advice on which QuickBooks to buy, or are outgrowing QuickBooks, our team of certified experts can help. For easier QuickBooks imports, exports and more, visit Transaction Pro.

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