Three Unique Features of QuickBooks Online

The desktop version of QuickBooks is a long-standing champion of the professional accounting world. However, long-time users are often less familiar with QuickBooks Online. This web-based version of the software continues to grow in popularity. While the products share some commonalities, there are also a few unique features of QuickBooks Online. These three features make it stand out from its predecessors.

Remote Access

Remote access is one essential feature of QuickBooks Online. With this feature, you have the ability to view databases from any web-enabled device. Importantly though, for this feature in QuickBooks desktop versions it requires additional server software. While this feature requires a larger investment than other programs, the time you save with remote access makes it worth every penny. You may have sacrificed this feature in the past because it was complicated and expensive, but you can no longer afford to skimp it.

Because QuickBooks Online is web-based, it requires an internet connection to view the software remotely. Today, many professionals work remotely at least part of the time. Fortunately, remote access makes vital information readily available. This feature, in particular, makes QuickBooks Online uniquely functional for modern businesses.

Automatic Upgrades

Everyday, someone makes an improvement to outdated software. In desktop versions of QuickBooks, the user must install updates when they become available. Moreover, QuickBooks releases a completely new version for purchase on a yearly basis. With QuickBooks Online, you automatically run the most updated version of the application.

At first, automatic upgrades seem like both a perk and a downside. However, constant upgrades keep your system secure and efficient. While most users of traditional QuickBooks software are not used to sudden changes in the system, automatic upgrades are usually minor. QuickBooks Online also does a great job at teaching users about any more major fixes and changes to the interface.

Third-Party Application Integration

Long-time QuickBooks desktop users love the software’s power. Users sometimes feel the online version of QuickBooks is very light in comparison. Running QuickBooks in your browser rather than its own application can have this effect.

The ability to integrate third-party applications with more than makes up for this. The online version of QuickBooks has been around for a few years now. Users can find a third-party application at this point to fill any gap they feel may be missing in the web interface.

Since its release a few years ago, QuickBooks Online has become very popular. QuickBooks’s creators have invested a large amount of time in improving the web-based versions of their software. The online versions of QuickBooks are on a trajectory to continue improving well into the future.

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