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Advantages of Intuit Payroll

Using Quickbooks Payroll to save time

Payday is the highlight of the employee’s month, but it’s a recurring nightmare for most business owners and managers. The right software solutions can dramatically lighten the load. It’s possible, especially if you use integrated options, to essentially forget about the process. Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, offers specialized payroll software and services. It handles everything from employee wages to contractor dues while giving you free options to choose from when paying them. Whether you run a paperless business or send old-school checks, Intuit Payroll has the tools you need to make payroll a snap. It can even help with tax season, and a range of support options come with every version of payroll, so you’re never trapped with a feature you don’t understand.

Pay different employees through different payment methods

Modern businesses are built on a varied workforce. Not only do businesses hire regular employees who receive W-2 forms at the end of the year, but most businesses need to work with freelancers and other kinds of workers to accomplish their goals. These contractors fall under 1099 contracts. Most payroll software is designed to handle W-2 wages and only W-2 wages. This leaves businesses in the lurch when they need to reimburse 1099 contractors for their work. Businesses either have to work through the process manually from beginning to end or buy new software.

Nearly all levels of Quickbooks Payroll allow you to pay both W-2 employees and 1099 contractors. You can pay each by the hour, with the same level of ease. This gives you the power to assign work as needed without worrying about all the extra labor you’ll have to put in for payroll. Intuit Payroll’s diverse options don’t end there, however.

Often, payroll software requires additional fees before you can direct deposit paychecks. Every version of Intuit Payroll allows you to pay by direct deposit at no additional cost. Not every employee wants a direct deposit, though, and Intuit has taken that into account as well. If an employee prefers, you can print checks for free with a single click. This takes a lot of the hassle out of a payday.

QuickBooks Payroll Support

Instead of simply selling you a product and leaving you to figure everything out on your own, Intuit stands behind its products. Every version of Intuit Payroll includes free support to solve problems and answer questions. Whether you prefer a phone conversation, an online chat, or a basic email, you can reach out for help however you need it. No matter how you contact support, it’s always free for Intuit users. The time of year most businesses need help, especially with new software, is during tax season. Intuit understands this and offers specialized year-end help. This support ensures you get the most out of your product and reduces the time you spend staring in confusion at a screen full of numbers and new features.

Compatible with QuickBooks

Of course, a major selling point for any Intuit product is its potential for integration. QuickBooks, Intuit’s leading product, is one of the best bookkeeping products available, and payroll plays a big part in your accounts. So, it makes sense to tightly integrate the two. QuickBooks paired with Intuit Payroll turns the monthly process of paying wages one of the easiest chores you need to attend to. Depending on how you prefer to use your system, you may barely be involved with the process at all. This union of critical monetary products, lifts the burden from the shoulders of business owners, allowing them to focus on growth and progress.

W-2’s and Tax Forms

The worst part of payroll isn’t the monotony of repetition, that title belongs to paying taxes. Tax time brings with it the burden of not only individual W-2’s and 1099’s for your employees and contractors, but also all the forms you, as an employer, must send in. With Intuit Payroll, you can file W-2’s electronically or through the mail. The choice is yours. That isn’t the end of Payroll’s year-end assistance, though. You can actually e-file and e-pay through full-service plans. If you’d like, Payroll can effectively file and pay your taxes for you. The service provides everything from federal to local taxes. Best of all, full-service Payroll ensures you won’t pay any extra tax fees, which is of huge value for businesses of any size.

Payroll may not be the biggest burden for business owners, but it ranks high on the list of greatest pains. Intuit Payroll, especially paired with QuickBooks, transforms payroll and tax time frustrations into far lighter concerns. You can do business your way with the types of employees you prefer. Support is there when you need it and always ready for tax time. Combined, these features help you save time and money, even as you pay.

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