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4 Key Performance Indicators to Measure Success

If you have been reading my blog, you’ll know we’ve implemented a new CRM called Baseline. Built on the QuickBase platform, we’ve completely customized the system to meet our needs.

One thing our new CRM enables us to do is establish key performance indicators (KPIs) by department. Sales, marketing, our services team, and of course, our financials, all have specific measurements to ensure we stay on track with our goals for the year.

KPIs measure the effectiveness of a function within our organization. Our new KPIs will help our operations manager track these four areas of improvement:

  • Sales KPIs include meeting targets, converting leads to sales, and sales on specific products or services we offer, as well as increasing repeat customers.
  • Marketing KPIs measure where leads come from, how successful our marketing tactics are and give us an idea of which campaigns are working.
  • Service KPIs include customer satisfaction, response time, efficiency and margins.
  • Financial KPIs are perhaps the most important to make sure we’re earning and growing; these include accounts payable turnover, accounts receivable turnover and more.

Part of our workflow analysis with clients includes helping them establish and easily measure KPIs for their business. Let us know if you need help creating or improving your KPIs!

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