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Workflow Changes—Sharing Our Own Stories

A long time ago, I discovered that sharing stories of how Fourlane has made a difference for our clients is one of the best ways to show our value to prospects.

I think of the client for whom we solved a problem he had been working on for months, after spending just a few minutes on the phone with an Fourlane consultant. We love it when that happens.

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we are changing our CRM and workflow around sales and customer service. For years, we’ve been doing this for our clients, and now, we’re doing it for ourselves. This gives us a new opportunity to share our own change management story with you —we can really feel your pain!

During the week we implemented our CRM, we had 96 feedback forms completed by our team; not bad for a staff of 20. The automated feedback allowed our implementation team to quickly see what questions or problems our staff encountered, and what recommendations they had to augment the system. I’m proud to say that, in less than a week, we resolved 87% and addressed 96%.

As much as we dreaded the change in our own workflow, it’s working out. Stay tuned for more stories.

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