Mobile Point of Sale Redefines Merchant-Customer Relationship

It’s a no-brainer that Point of Sale (POS) enables retailers to serve customers in more efficient ways – and now that mobile POS is available, there are even more ways to provide great service and keep customers for life.

Long lines in front of outdated, stand-alone registers will soon be a thing of the past. Today’s retail experience is all about using tablets to show product, coordinate and manage inventory, and place orders, right on the spot. Check out QuickBooks Online iPad Point of Sale, and discover all the great benefits for the merchant and the customer.

Retailers aren’t the only ones with innovation in customer service. A new touch screen restaurant POS system provides accurate order taking and reports, while also increasing customer satisfaction. Check out Quick Service POS from the POS Warehouse. No matter the type of food you serve or the kind of restaurant, any merchant can use a touch screen tablet to offer a hands-on, convenient experience for the customer, taking away the wait time to order and the human error on the specifications of the order.

After all, the customer is always right! Contact us today with questions; we’re here to help.

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