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You’re Not Alone – Workflow Changes

At Fourlane, we help clients improve their workflow and take better advantage of technologies. With the implementation of our new CRM, Baseline, we’re not only experiencing the improvements change brings, but also the pain our clients feel when implementing change! Our team is adjusting to workflow, as well as a new, custom software – essentially reengineering the way we operate.

In a recent weekly team meeting, I gave our staff some tips for best managing the stress associated with process change – how many of these resonate for you?

  • 1.Remember the objectives. We developed this new CRM and processes to improve our workflow and provide the entire team better information about our clients.
  • 2.Trust the team. The team who designed the CRM and the workflow is capable and understands our business.
  • 3.Know that things will change. When designing a custom CRM and processes around it, the pitfalls don’t show up until the entire team starts using the tool. Be open and aware that we are working to develop the best process we can; we will modify it along the way.

Let us know if you need help modifying your workflow!

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