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A New Tool for Customer Care

What’s the first thing you associate with February? Cupids and hearts … pink and red? How about slow sales after the hubbub of the holidays? Slushy snow for all of you in the Snowbelt?

For me, it means better customer care. This month, we’ve launched a new CRM we’re calling “Baseline.” This custom tool, created in QuickBase, will help us better integrate our customers into our business in order to provide more personal attention through focused services and consulting.

It’s not unusual for us to focus on our clients. Yet, until this month we’ve worked from the same CRM system we used way back when we only had two employees. It was obviously time to upgrade and take advantage of the sophisticated power CRMs provide.

What does this mean for you? It means we’re now more customer-centric than ever and are working very hard to understand what you want and need. Stay tuned … I’ll write more about our new CRM in future blogs.

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