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Investing in myself is hard. It’s not that we don’t have the budget to spend on internal CEO support; I haven’t made it a priority. So, when I signed up for a group coaching experience with other entrepreneurs, I made a big commitment to making 2015 and our company as successful as possible.

Making time – half-day meetings monthly – is really challenging. My travel schedule and client work, not to mention team meetings and management issues, mean giving up almost a whole day. A whole day is a big deal.

Here’s why I decided to invest in a group coaching program. Here’s what I hope to achieve:

  • Increased Productivity. It’s so easy to continue to do the same thing over and over again. We have several new initiatives we’re implementing this year (teaser alert), and I wanted to make sure we stay focused on realizing them. Statistics show that people who participate in programs like these see a 53% increase in productivity. I want to be part of that increase in productivity.
  • Peer interaction. Getting insights from people in the throws of growing their business is invaluable. Sharing challenges, new opportunities and experiences in a confidential, moderated program, is extremely beneficial.
  • Improved profitability. According to the Manchester Review, 22% of executives surveyed reported improved profitability as a result of participating in a program like the one I’m participating in.
  • Business opportunities. Any time you develop strong relationships with others, you are led to joint projects and referrals.

We’re all looking forward to a strong 2015 – I know this group will make a difference!

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