The Big Picture: Why You Hire Consultants

Before hiring anyone, I think long and hard, especially when hiring a consultant. I ask myself, is this expense worth it for my business? Will I get a return on the investment?

The answer to these questions really goes back to why I decided I needed a consultant in the first place. I hire consultants to help me achieve strategic business goals and growth.

I also hire consultants when I need an expert or when I need an extra pair of hands to get something done. My reasons always go back to achieving a business goal, even if it is just to get the work done.

Hire for Expertise

As I mentioned in my first post on this topic, expertise is essential and the primary reason for hiring any consultant. They do something I don’t. Many of the consultants I hire are not located in Austin, AQB’s headquarters. That doesn’t matter to me. Experts aren’t tied to a specific location. I try to find consultants whose expertise matches what I need them to do and who know the industry regardless of location. Austin is a great city, but I don’t limit my want for the best to my geographic area.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of clients ask me why they should hire Fourlane when they have local accountants and consultants right down the street. My answer goes back to expertise. We know Intuit products, we know accounting and we know a variety of industries. If your scenario matches our sweet spot, we’ll get the job done from Austin, Ashville, or anywhere in the US.

You have to know that you are hiring people who know what they are doing and who has worked within your industry.

Today’s age of Go To Meeting, email and cloud-based solutions don’t require a consultant to be located where you are. Go with your gut and hire the company that will best help you achieve your strategic goals, regardless where they are located.

My next blog will talk a bit about other criteria for hiring a consultant.

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