How to Shop for a Consultant

Fourlane recently hired a PR consulting firm to help us get the word out about our products and services. Here are some of the things I considered when hiring the firm:

  1. The big picture of my business. Meaning, what are our business goals and what resources do we need to achieve them? In the case of the PR firm, we wanted to get the word out about Fourlane’s experience and needed resources to do so.
  2. Expertise. You outsource because you need an extra pair of hands, it costs less to have someone else do it or you need expertise to get it done right. When choosing a firm, ask: Does the firm have the expertise to achieve my goals? Does that expertise help me accomplish my goals easier than if I were to do it myself or have a staff member do it? Will the return on investment be worth the cost? If the answer is yes, then it is worth the financial investment.
  3. Reputation. What people think matters. What clients, colleagues and former clients think is very telling when hiring anyone! Check references.
  4. Details. If you’ve never hired a consultant, you might wonder what’s involved. Honestly, the best part is that it’s easier than hiring (or firing) an employee!

Hiring an external partner puts me in the shoes of my clients when they hire us and made me think through a few things I thought might be helpful to share.

In my next few blogs, I will share details on my process and perhaps help you with yours.

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