How Can Intuit Payroll Help You Prepare for Tax Season?

Did you know Intuit Payroll can actually help you file taxes? This advanced system was designed with users and their tax concerns in mind. Not only does it help keep your records in order, but it also assists you all the way through returns. Like all of Intuit’s products, Payroll is designed for integration with other products, enhanced user experience, and practical additional features.

Keeping Your Books Current

Payroll is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business at the best of times. When things go wrong, however, it can cost you precious funds. Not only are employees due to recompense when their pay is miscalculated, but the government is quick to hand out fees to any business owner who does not file his or her taxes correctly. With these pressures, it’s more important to keep current with bookkeeping chores than with any other regular task.

Intuit Payroll provides unprecedented bookkeeping assistance, especially when paired with QuickBooks programs. Intuit programs are designed to support each other and enhance available features. For instance, while both QuickBooks and Intuit Payroll have both record and payroll functions, they’re not as good separately. Saving data in your payroll program isn’t the same as saving it in your official books. When you pair QuickBooks and Payroll, your payroll bookkeeping work is essentially automated. You still need to input some numbers, but the system does most of the work for you.

Accurate books are the most essential part of your taxes. The best way to keep your records accurate is to update them immediately after every action. By taking advantage of integrated options, you can update your books automatically. That means you have less work and more accurate books. It’s the best of both options.

Tax Forms

Just finding tax forms can be frustrating. They’re available online, but finding the right forms gets complicated quickly, especially for businesses. One way or another, you pay for your forms. Even before you fill them out, you face losses. You either dedicate the time to finding free options and determining the best way to file them, or you pay for the forms and save some time. Intuit Payroll makes your form hunt much easier.

Depending on the version of Intuit Payroll you run, you could get free tax forms. Intuit makes these available to their customers because they understand how important taxes are for businesses with even a few employees. It’s important to save time and money, even during tax season, so many business owners choose to do their taxes on their own. Helping these users save a little time and money gives them the power to get the most out of their software. Any payroll software that isn’t tax-friendly, after all, isn’t worth the time and frustration it will cost. Intuit goes the extra mile to prove the value of their products. Naturally, this works out well for the customer.

Electronically File W-2’s

Business owners don’t just have to worry about their own taxes. They also have to worry about their employees’ ability to file. W-2’s are as important as a business’s year-end taxes. Penalties for late W-2 delivery chip away at profits, and employees waiting for their most important tax documents don’t wait very patiently. To keep things moving and avoid unnecessary costs, you need to send W-2’s as soon as possible.

Intuit Payroll gives users the power to not only create but electrically file W-2’s. This saves money, time, and frustration. Employees will appreciate the prompt attention, and you can dodge any unnecessary fees. This simple service significantly adds to Intuit Payroll’s practical value.

Filing Assistance

Even if you manage to find the forms, actually filing your taxes almost always costs extra. Online tax services take advantage of the situation and charge businesses more than they strictly need to. Some versions of Intuit Payroll, however, include filing assistance. When you choose the largest Payroll package, Intuit will file and pay your taxes for you. Obviously, this is a big burden off any business owner’s shoulders. Best of all, Intuit provides a guarantee that anyone who files with them won’t have to worry about tax penalties. This guarantee protects your profits and allows you to sail through tax season without worrying about surprise fees. That peace of mind alone is invaluable.

Intuit Payroll saves time and money during tax season like essentially no other payroll software can. It sets you up for success with regular, automated functions, and it helps you get the forms you need without any hassle. Intuit rewards its best customers with extra tax assistance, too. Your software helps you file and protects you from additional fees and other losses. Intuit Payroll isn’t just a great payroll tool. It’s also fantastic for taxes.


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