QuickBooks POS Hardware: What you Need

QuickBooks POS software has helped many people to grow their business while keeping track of everything they need. Running a business can prove to be challenging, but if you have the right software and equipment, it can be easier than you ever thought possible. In this article, you will learn about QuickBooks POS hardware and what you need to have.

Inventory Scanner

Having an inventory scanner for QuickBooks POS is vital for your business. Counting inventory and keeping track of it all can be grueling work. When you invest in an inventory scanner, you can scan all of your products into the system wirelessly. This will cut down on product ordering time and keep you in the know of what products are selling in your store.

Wireless Barcode Scanner

You may not think this is a necessity, but it is. If you sell big or heavier items at your store, then a wireless barcode scanner is important for you to have. Instead of having to lift the items a million times you can simply scan it and move on. Another added bonus is it prevents your cashiers from getting the scanner tangled in the sea of wires that are up at the cash register. Overall, this is a great purchase for your QuickBooks POS system, your cashier, and your customers.

Pin Pad with Chip Reader

People are very protective over their credit and debit cards, for good reason. There are always stories of people stealing card information, and your customers don’t want that to happen to them. That’s why you need to invest in a pin pad that also has an EMV-chip reader installed in it. This will mean that your customers can hold onto their cards themselves and feel protected with up-to-date technology. You can also get one that will work properly with QuickBooks POS technology so it will always run smoothly and get customers’ orders processed faster.

Total Display Pole

With your QuickBooks POS system, you need to have a final total display pole. Yes, you can always just tell your customer their total. But, having equipment like this looks more professional. It is also a nice feature for your customers to see the total themselves. Occasionally, people grab items and don’t even think about the price. Then they arrive at the register. If they are told the total without seeing it, they may think the cashier made a mistake. Having a display pole for your QuickBooks POS system will dispute any issues of the sort.

Now you know about QuickBooks POS hardware and what you need. Remember to get an inventory scanner, a wireless barcode scanner, pin pad with chip reader, and a total display pole. All of these hardware items will help you to make the most out of your QuickBooks POS system as possible. These items will also help to improve your business and deliver a better customer experience overall.

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