I am converting from Quicken to QuickBooks – where is my new file?

Depending on your accounting needs, you might want to make the switch to QuickBooks from Quicken. QuickBooks provides more options and greater flexibility than Quicken. QuickBooks also has many features that facilitate the running of a bigger business. For example, if you have employees, it would likely make sense for you to convert.

If you need to issue forms, like Purchase Orders or Customer Statements, it is time to move to QuickBooks. QuickBooks has a built-in payroll system and multi-user capabilities which can facilitate order in your books. There are many other circumstances that would make this change advisable.

If you do make the switch, you might discover how easy it is to lose track of your QuickBooks files in the conversion. Luckily, it’s also easy to find these missing files. Just go to your start menu and do a file search on your computer for “*.qbw” files. This search should show you exactly where the QuickBooks file is located on your computer.

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