Field Service

Managing your Field Team Through Accurate Financial Information

Recently, a client came to us to wanting to expand their business. A growing electrical services company with multiple crews, but their payments were being done by invoice only. They needed a system that could help manage their crews and allow them to accept immediate payment via credit card. So, we helped them implement Intuit Field Service Management.

Intuit Field Service Management connects the main office with service technicians so you can schedule more jobs and get paid faster. It allows you to quickly shuffle schedules and communicate those changes with your team. You can also quickly see what is happening in the field. The benefit is an efficient organization with less paperwork.

Implementing Intuit Field Service Management and QuickBooks Enterprise allows companies to integrate operations with the financial processes, allowing you to get an accurate view of costs, billable hours and profitability. We’ve managed the custom implementation of this software for variety of companies that use field technicians. The results: Intuit Field Service Management streamlined operations for our clients, a security company, an HVAC franchise, electrical services company, and more.

Our client is excited to be able to better manage their staff and receive immediate payment for their projects. Their improved operations means they are able to serve more clients each day and the improved cash flow has allowed them to add additional employees and grow their business.

Let us know if you could benefit from Intuit Field Service Management!

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