Core Value 2015 – #1. High-quality experience, every time.

Our new core values have a double meaning; we want them to work both internally for our team, as well as externally for our clients.

Why this two-pronged approach? We discovered that having a long list of clients doesn’t work if we don’t have a reliable and happy team of people in place to serve them.

So, our first core value is to deliver high-quality experience, every time.

We’re applying this to four processes:

  • 1.Marketing – We want clients to develop a sense of trust with us from the get-go. From our QuickBooks training videos, to a post on Facebook, to an article we’ve written or a visit to our website, the experience should lead to trust.
  • 2.Customer Service – When a client calls or emails us, the response time should be quick, and the feedback should be easy to understand.
  • 3.Sales experience – Our sales team should continue to build on that trust, proving to clients that we know what we’re talking about so that they’ll know whether we are a good fit to work with them.
  • 4.Engagement experience – From a project to a webinar, each experience should provide customers with what they need.

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