Core Value #2 – Trust the team

Have you ever worked with people you didn’t trust? You question everything they do, wonder where they got that idea and may even do a ton of extra work you wouldn’t have had to do if you had trusted them.

My previous post discussed our first core value, high-quality experience, every time. In our second core value, we try to eliminate this by asking for trust … trust the team.

First, we want our customers to trust us to put their company into the right product for their industry and meet all compliance requirements. We want them to trust that they are well supported and that we are there to meet their needs.

We also want the team to trust one another, believing that each one of us is doing our job, processing orders correctly, communicating with one another and knowing how to accomplish the goals of the engagement.

You may value trust as a big goal for us to try to achieve. After all, we’re asking a lot of our clients and team. Here are three ways on how we will accomplish this:

  • 1.Be consistent. If we act consistently internally and externally, people can trust what to expect.
  • 2.Have integrity. That means being honest and forthright in all situations. Check out this great article in Forbes about business integrity.
  • 3.Pursue the correct answer. We’re good, but we don’t always have the answer to everything. Our commitment is to find an answer for you.

This all sounds hard, but if people are doing their best, then “trust” will happen organically.

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