Fourlane Construction

Core Value #3 – Building the road to what’s next

To bring you up to speed, my previous posts discussed our first two core values, high-quality experience, every time and trust the team.

Now, it’stime to look at our third core value, building the road to what’s next. What does this mean? We want to travel with our customers as they grow, or change their business, to continue to serve them in their evolving needs.

I’ll confess that this is my favorite core value! I love what we do and I love business. Seeing companies evolve and helping them find the tools and processes to work within their new model is what our company is all about.

Our company is evolving as well. We started with two employees and now have 20. Just this year, we’ve upgraded our internal CRM. Our experience with clients and our own growth has educated us on how to help companies restructure to reach their vision.

And now, we’re already down the road without any intention of looking back.

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