Customizing Intuit Field Service Management

An HVAC repair company, one of our Intuit Field Service Management clients, recently hired us for a fun customization project. They had an internal process of emailing a client the invoice/receipt after the appointment.

Fourlane created a branded email template to send a copy of the invoices to the clients when the job is complete, thanking them for their business as well. The project integrates QuickBooks and Field Service Management. All emails are saved in the sent mail and documented in Field Service.

Fourlane has done a variety of customization projects for Field Service Management:

  • Consolidating invoices
  • Importing work order history
  • Creating custom templates

Working with our clients to identify what customization projects would benefit their business is what sets Fourlane apart from other companies. Let us know if we can help you with customizing your Field Service Management system or other Intuit product.

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