Excited, Empowered Employees Everyday

Our core value #3 is excited, empowered employees everyday. I want to say up front that we are not the Pollyanna crew. We know there are good days and bad, but we want our employees to feel excited about Fourlane and their future with the company.

Perhaps more importantly, we want employees to be empowered. That means having what they need to do their jobs well. A toolbox, if you will.

This core value reminded us of the need to provide a centralized location for all materials. To do so, we are taking advantage of the Internet and creating a Wiki for Fourlane internal documents. Like Wikipedia, our Wiki allows people to add, modify or delete content in collaboration with others. It is searchable and will allow our remote staff to access everything they need via the Internet.

Empowering my team is making me feel excited and empowered myself!

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