Five Ways to Get the Most Out of QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS is one of the very best point of sale programs in the world, especially for small and growing businesses. Many users don’t know exactly how powerful it is, however. Here are five ways you can get more out of your QuickBooks POS investment.

Connect with Bookkeeping

A huge advantage of any QuickBooks product is its integrative design. While every piece of software performs exceptionally well on its own, it only gets better when paired with other programs. QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks’ bookkeeping software provide a prime example of such benefits. Imagine POS and bookkeeping software that automatically sync. This means no more double entries and much less wasted time. It removes most of the risk of human error as well, which is always an advantage when dealing with large sets of numbers.

Although both bookkeeping and POS systems from QuickBooks offer some aid in managing payroll, they do much more together. When you pair these programs, management faces little to no additional work when payday rolls around. QuickBooks can help with everything from hourly wages to commissions.

Multitask with Advanced Management Features

In small businesses, job titles are less strict than many first assume. Managers often find themselves covering the register, helping a new associate restock the shelves, or discussing the latest sale with customers. Higher ranking staff do not always, or even usually, stay in the back while the store’s doors are open. However, that doesn’t mean these employees, partners, and owners don’t have work waiting for them in the wings. Balancing the demands of both the front and the back of the store requires a good deal of multitasking. QuickBooks POS takes these challenges into consideration, and the software reflects that.

Managers can do plenty of essential duties from the same computer they use to ring out customers. No business has a truly constant flow of customers to ring out, and downtimes are inevitable. QuickBooks POS ensures those precious minutes and hours don’t go to waste, even if the store owner is manning the register. Managers can organize sales, review vendor information, check merchandise, go over payroll, and much more without ever leaving the sales area understaffed. The system can even generate reports and track inventory between stores. If a manager has the chance to finish the day’s essential tasks, they can use these tools to plan for the coming days. Few POS systems do so much to accommodate the flexible, multitasking nature of a small business’s point of sale. To get the most out of your system, you must take advantage of all of these features.

Help Customers Directly

Customers do not like having to visit multiple desks. You’ll never see a less happy collection of customers than those waiting past the registers at the customer service desk. In a truly customer-oriented business, every desk should be a customer service desk. QuickBooks POS makes it possible to perform far more tasks and offer additional services to your customers at the register itself. Through QuickBooks POS, you can create loyalty programs, check vendor information, and more. Customers can visit a single desk to complete their business. This goes a long way to improving customer satisfaction and driving return sales. After all, it’s always better to make a customer happy the first time they ask rather than sending them off to ask again at a different location.

Update, Ship, and Process

QuickBooks POS allows users to essentially run their store from the checkout counter. Features like sales management are mentioned above, but they deserve further consideration. Rather than using secondary software to manage things like sales, shipping, and printing, users can rely on their POS system. Users are free to use pre-made reports to examine their business’s standing, or they may develop their own. Users can customize price tags and receipts without leaving their station. They can generate purchase orders, track layaway, and handle many other major tasks within the same program. To get the most out of QuickBooks POS, you have to remember that it is more than a cash register.

Remember Your Options

QuickBooks products are known for their flexibility. Various products, services, and packages for businesses of every size allow shoppers to find the perfect match for their budget. Once that choice is made, however, even desktop buyers are not strictly locked in. Additional online services are always for sale, and it’s easy to select additional features and services to accommodate changing needs. For instance, even if your business has no need for remote POS hardware in the near future, the regular QuickBooks POS programming allows for these devices down the road. QuickBooks POS isn’t necessarily a one-time purchase. It may provide a way to expand without reinvesting in entirely new software.

Getting the most out of QuickBooks POS takes effort and a careful study of the program’s features. It has far more to offer than you think. Whether you need to multitask at the register, combine workflows, or simply cut out unnecessary labor, this is the perfect POS program for you.


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