Why Fourlane Offers 30-Minute Free Consultations

Last summer, Rob and I sold our house and moved to a new one. While the unpacking still gives me nightmares, we had a great realtor, but before we hired him, I asked for a free consultation from him and several other realtors. The interview process showed me who had the most knowledge about housing options, who came prepared and who was the easiest to work with.

Selling a house, even with all of its complications, is a cinch compared to the back office work of a business. As a result, Fourlane offers free consultations.

The clients we work with have a need; they may want to synch a third-party application, get a report properly prepared or access their transactions. To really determine how to help them, we have to unravel the problem and get to the root cause.

Both parties get a lot out of the consultation. For example, I take the time to get to know the client, their industry and software, and their problems or issues. Sometimes, I’m able to quickly show them a solution, train them on the call and we part ways. Other times, they need more help to integrate the software, clean up a buggy file or upgrade their system.

The consultation does three things for the client and Fourlane:

  1. It identifies the root of the problem.
  2. It builds trust and rapport.
  3. It creates the next steps.

Contact us today if you have a problem you think we could help with. We’ll let you know, honestly.

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