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How Fourlane Works With QuickBooks ProAdvisors

While attending Scaling New Heights in June, I got to see a lot of ProAdvisors I already knew, and made new friends as well. I’ve been a part of Intuit’s ProAdvisor program since I started my business, and get a lot of referrals as a result. Fourlane also partners directly with ProAdvisors to our mutual benefit.

Here’s what you need to know about our efforts:

1. We partner with ProAdvisors to do work they aren’t interested in doing, or to add technical skills they don’t have easy access to, such as integrating systems with QuickBooks, converting data or setting up Field Services.

2. ProAdvisors that purchase software through us can get better pricing and bonus incentives.

3. We honor the relationships ProAdvisors have with their clients. In other words, we don’t poach! Frequently, we work as a silent partner so that the client doesn’t even know we’re involved.

4. At times, we hire ProAdvisors when we have a project in a location where we don’t have staff. We also contract when we need an industry expertise we don’t have in-house, like nonprofit.

So, for any ProAdvisor who needs a technical partner, we’re here to help! Contact us to get started.

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