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Are Your QuickBooks Files A Mess? We Can Help Clean Them Up

If your QuickBooks file is not producing the results you expect, is moving at a snail’s pace or just has too much data, it’s time to clean it up.

Fourlane doesn’t recommend running the QuickBooksClean Up Company Data even though it says it will help improve your performance, reduce the size of the company file and reduce the number of list entries QuickBooks users have to scroll through. Without professional help during the cleanup process, your data file can be left larger and with more corruption then when you started.

Here’s how running the utility can really mess up your QuickBooks file. Transactions and records removed are no longer available on Point of Sale reports, customer history or vendor history. Transactions are retained on the item history screen. Financial statements and summary reports for the cleaned-up period will be accurate for a given month, but not for a shorter period of time because the process summarizes transactions to a monthly journal entry.

Fourlane has its own file clean up services that can alleviate the process and ensure a better file after completed by improving on user errors that occur if the bookkeeping team either isn’t making the most of QuickBooks’ features or is using the software incorrectly. For a flat fee, Fourlane’s QuickBooks experts will take your file through a 27-step process to check for data corruption, misuse or underuse of features, incorrect entries, and un-reconciled accounts. We clean up as much as we can in the process, and then issue a quote for any additional cleanup. From there, we can divide and conquer, splitting up the bookkeeping tasks between your internal team and the Fourlane team.

Let us take out the trash for you! Our file review process is painless. Contact us today to get started.

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