Get Ready for the Tax-Free Weekend

Sharpen your pencils, make the lunches and buy your supplies … very soon, school will soon be in session. Most states have designated tax-free weekends, a great opportunity for customers to save the sales tax, but also a boon for business. Here’s what you need to know to get ready for the tax-free weekend.

POS Software. These are a real sweet spot for the retailers and you’re going to be very, very busy! In fact, here are the state-by-state details for Tax Free Weekends. Your customers need necessities, such as computers, clothes and school supplies, which means you must have your POS software and related systems in line to manage the process. Our company, Fourlane, can help you sort out the details.

Handling Tax Free Weekends. Sales tax holidays can certainly get complex for retailers, especially online. If you’re having trouble with inventory, check out Taxjar’s SmartCalcs Sales Tax API today, and hit the ground running. A 30-day free trial is available.
QuickBooks Setup. Rules vary by state, so it’s imperative you know what items in your inventory are tax free. Then, you must reprogram your POS to accommodate these changes and set up your system so that taxes are not included. QuickBooks is a perfect solution for this; Fourlane can help do this for you, too.

As you can see, tax-free weekends aren’t absent from important details and complexities, but through the proper preparation and attention, you can take advantage of this opportunity to boost your retail business and cash in. Reach out to Fourlane today to help get your store in order.

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