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Whet Your App-etite: Fourlane’s Top 9 QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Apps

At Fourlane, we constantly talk about the power of QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES), but we’d be remiss if we didn’t share some of our favorite apps that integrate with QBES. Remember, any of the apps listed perform a function, or simplify a process, for something that is not already included in QBES.

1. Transaction Pro Importer. We use this tool daily. It is an indispensible part of our process to convert clients to QBES. We also get creative with it, using it to decrease data entry for an ATM client of ours and to ensure accurate data with a client that has an .iif file for time card integration.

2. T-Sheets. This powerful time tracking tool is the most popular app on Intuit’s apps site; it has mobile capabilities, GPS location and tracking, overtime and overtime alerts, and more. T-Sheets easily integrates with QuickBooks and is a dream for clients, especially those with remote employees or employees on the road.

3. Concur travel and expense automatically creates expense reports from credit card charges and TripiIt travel itineraries. With mobile and online capabilities, it seamlessly synchs with QuickBooks to make managing and reimbursing expenses a simple process.

4. Docusign. Managing legal documents via mail for HR purposes and client agreements can be cumbersome and time consuming. We use Docusign with our remote staff to sign corporate documents and with our customers to sign our engagement letters as well.

5. Bill.com for QuickBooks lets you receive e-bills and pay vendors electronically with approval, automatically integrating into QuickBooks. It also lets your customers pay you easier with online payments.

6.Qvinci offers our franchise clients cloud-based consolidated financial reporting and benchmarking for up to 10,000 locations.The automated daily file synching eliminates staff time, and the reporting allows you to see consolidated or side by side P&L reports, balance sheets, cash flow statements and more.

7. Avalara AvaTax automates the entire sales tax compliance and reporting process, eliminating manual calculations. This tool is a must for manufacturers, distributors and retailers, especially those who have Nexus in multiple states.

8. Intuit Field Service Management. For plumbers, air conditioning repair, pest control and anyone else who works in the field, Intuit Field Service Management manages schedules, allows management to track activity, and makes invoicing and payment simple. We implement this tool a lot for companies and love it.

Fourlane can help you sort through these apps and achieve more productivity. Contact us today!

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