Getting the Most out of Your QuickBooks POS in 2017

Point of sale is getting more important by the day. A good POS can support your business through fast times and slow, from inventory to tax season. If you don’t have a POS that can handle everything that’s thrown at it, consider switching to QuickBooks POS. If you don’t have the features below, you’re not getting the most out of your POS in 2017.

Manage your inventory

Old, outdated, and slow to update inventory information is a plague on stores. How are you supposed to know what you have, what’s in the back, and what’s subject to shrinkage if you don’t know what you have? Getting the most out of your POS in 2017 means saying goodbye to weekly, or even daily, updates to your inventory. QuickBooks POS offers updated inventory after every sale. This is the best way to keep on top of what you have and what you need to order.

Stay fast during a rush

A thriving business means a lot of people trying to buy your products. A lot of people mean a long line is likely. However, long lines are likely to drive business away. The best way to solve long lines is to get a point of sale system that can handle a high load. Some systems can get overwhelmed easily. If you’re processing many transactions across a few registers, you could find your processing time growing the more you need to rush through it. You can stay ahead of the rush by investing in a POS that can keep up with a busy lunch hour or a busy season.

Easily accessed records

Your POS should make a transaction transparent. You should be able to access records for what was bought, what time, how it was paid for, and even who was manning the register when the transaction went through. As much as you want to believe the best of everyone, there comes a time when you must check in on an employee. Maybe they’re struggling with the system, or maybe there’s something less easily fixed going on. Transparency can help you see where they’re going wrong. It can help you keep your cashiers accountable and see less tangible things, like how long each transaction takes. In any case, you’re not getting the most out of your POS until you can get everything important about a transaction in one place.

Handle credit cards with ease

QuickBooks handles credit card payments with ease. Before there was a QuickBooks POS, there was QuickBooks software that focused on accounting and documentation. Credit card payments have been growing in popularity for decades. Today, many people make it a point to never carry cash. After all, you can’t call up the bank and have them cancel that $20 bill if you misplace it or it’s stolen. Some POS take a long time to process credit cards. If credit card payments aren’t considered a key feature, they won’t be prioritized. This can lead to long lines and short tempers among your customers. QuickBooks POS streamlines the process so your credit card transactions don’t lag behind cash payments.

Connections are key

One of the problems with having a high-powered POS is you suddenly have access to more information than before. While any piece of information could be important, most of them aren’t most of the time. You don’t really need to know how much Product X you have in stock unless it’s either not selling or you’re selling out. You probably don’t have the time to check on it multiple times a day, either. This is where notifications come into play. A good POS can connect to your other software and compile the information you really need. You can set up your accounting programs to create revenue reports. You can get totals of inventory stock. You can set up a lot of reports to auto-compile based on the updating information from your POS.


QuickBooks POS takes security very seriously. From a foundation of handling your business’s most sensitive information through to the present, security is always on the forefront of thought. Is your POS doing the same? Encryption, tough log-in credentials, and more are needed to ensure that everything stays safe.

It’s time to get serious about your point of sale system. A good POS will put you on the path to success. You’ll be able to safely and securely serve your customers. You can move forward with a variety of payment methods. When you use QuickBooks, you can enjoy the full integration of Accounting and other software with your POS system. This allows you to compile the kinds of reports that will make your life much easier. POS is too important not to think about. In 2017, make sure that you’re getting the most out of your POS.

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