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This year, our CEO tasked us with improving our Client Journey here at Fourlane. We have had many ‘tweaks’ to that journey recently given current world events and just identifying how we interact with our clients.

Although we all recognized the need for a consistent client journey, I never really thought about it from the perspective of the client.

Yesterday that all changed for me. One of our new clients requested a meeting with our CMO, he wanted to talk marketing strategy.

My Experience

This client then told us exactly how he found us, from the first internet search right through to entering into project phase with our company. He showcased each individual ‘touch’ that happened during his journey to become a client.  He remembered everyone’s name who he had worked with from the first phone call right through to his current team here at Fourlane that is working with his company.

During this conversation, the light bulb went off for me. Our Clients really do benefit from the very first internet search, all the way through to the first phone call and getting on-boarded to a service engagement, based on the effort that has been put forth this year by the team at Fourlane. 

The Takeaway

Sometimes in business, we work on things within our company and never see the impact. I applaud our client for letting us know yesterday that our internal work has paid off in their personal experience with us. It was a refreshing conversation, but also very enlightening for me personally. This client took the time out of their day to tell us ‘what worked’ for them, and during the conversation, I RECOGNIZED our internal client journey work that we have worked so very hard on.

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About Cynthia Hemingway

Cynthia is a powerhouse of accounting knowledge with a strong desire to empower her clients and teammates. Whether you are a sole proprietor who is just beginning your business adventure or a seasoned CEO who manages a multi-million-dollar company, Cynthia explains concepts in a clear and straight-forward manner that cuts through informational overload. With more than 30 years of accounting and management experience, Cynthia excels at troubleshooting and diagnosing technical, procedural, and accounting issues. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from Strayer University. When she is not saving the world with her accounting superpowers, you will find Cynthia laughing at the antics of her beloved pets or finding treasures at antique stores and craft shows. She is passionate about dog rescues and has fostered many precious animals throughout the years. As a child, Cynthia dreamed of becoming a Game Warden, but we are happy that she chose the world of accounting instead. When you are working with Cynthia, rest assured that her main goal is to relieve you of the tedious tasks that steal time from the day. She achieves this goal by fine-tuning processes and sharing essential knowledge. You can count on her for authentic communication at the highest level.

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