Audit Trail For Work Order in Intuit Field Service Management

Intuit Field Service Management – Basic Navigation

Are you new to Intuit Field Service Management? This is the QuickBooks dispatching and scheduling program that directly integrates with QuickBooks. We have a series of free videos detailing how to use FSM, and one specifically discusses basic navigation of your Intuit Field Service Management main screen.

You can edit your Business Profile from the upper right hand corner in the File drop down menu. Under your settings you can edit your user profile. Field Service Management also has a Learning Center under “Help”, which features a few helpful videos and the phone app link for Blackberries and Windows phones. (For iPhones and Androids you can just search in the app store).

Intuit Field Service Management features a search bar near the top of the page, where you can search anywhere from Address to Work Order. The drop down menu on the right features the most recent items you’ve selected for easy navigation. Dispatch Board button is an easy way to get to your, obviously, Dispatch board. And the default page on FSM is your Work Orders page. It looks like this:

Filter Work Orders by Location or Route in Intuit Field Service

The other tab options are Customers, Invoices, Reports, People, Time Cards, and Settings. We go into all of these in different videos in our Field Service Management free video series. As you can see above, the page shows many different icons. If they’re blue, this indicates calm, if it’s yellow, it might need some attention, and if it’s red that means it has an urgent issue. Down below, FSM screens show shortcuts, “How Do I?”s, and “Please Explain”, which are all helpful when you might be having an issue in Field Service Management. Would you like to see a demo?

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