Top 5 Ways to Create and Maintain a Successful Small Business

As a relatively new but thriving business, Fourlane is one of the top QuickBooks consulting firms in the country. With a new Premier Reseller of the Year award under their belt, Fourlane has some important advice to share with other small businesses in the field. We’ve narrowed it down to a Top 5 Ways to create and maintain a successful small business.

#1 Don’t Be Afraid To Grow

When you’re starting a business, it can be hard to hire that first person outside of your original team. Whether you’re a husband and wife starting a food cart or a mother and son law firm, you’re going to need some help. Don’t be afraid to hire someone new, because the more help you have, and the more minds you put to a project, the more successful you’ll be.

#2 Find Good People and Keep Them

Follow your instincts. If your new hires aren’t working out, don’t keep them around. You’ll know within 30 days whether or not someone is good for your team. If they’re a good fit, don’t question their presence and keep them around

#3 Create a Team of Experts

Don’t expect to be an expert in everything. When you’re building your team, make sure each person on the team is the expert in some part of the field. In Fourlane, our Field Service Expert can’t also be the Point of Sale expert. In a service business, the person who handles Finances can’t also be the expert in Marketing. Make sure you have different people who are the experts to cover in everything you do in business.

#4 Be Honest

Your customers will appreciate honesty. If you mess up, tell the customer. If the customer is doing something wrong, communicate with them about it. They say honesty is the best policy, and this rings true in all aspects of life. Your customers will trust you more, and you’ll have a better relationship with them and therefore a better business.

#5 Get Competitive

Lastly, competition is healthy. If you are competing against something, you have a goal and motive to grow. With competition, you are constantly pushing yourself and your business to be bigger and better, which is good for the growth of your company. So talk to your vendors, talk to your peers, and find a way to be competitive.

Running a small business is no easy venture, and it takes the most hard-working people to be successful in it. Building a great team, maintaining a great relationship with your customers and vendors and consistently pushing yourself to grow will help your business thrive.

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