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QuickBooks Purchase Orders and Intuit Field Service Management

While working with an Intuit Field Service Management client recently, I was looking for a way to streamline the process of recording invoices when techs pick up products from suppliers. Now, the process for the customer involves the tech having to call the office for a Purchase Order number, getting someone at the office to give them the next open Purchase Order number in QuickBooks, and after going through all of this, there isn’t anything to hold that number in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Because of this, the person at the office is creating something to record this information elsewhere–the dreaded spreadsheet. Currently they need to wait to actually record it until the tech drops the copy off back at the office later in the day, the following day, or when the supplier sends it in the mail.

To improve this process to make it easier for both the techs and the office members, I have a couple of ideas:

1) To hold a PO, create a zero dollar PO with the work order number on it. You may even include the tech name, and this will hold the number in QuickBooks so there are not duplicate PO’s.
2) Further, I thought to have the tech take a picture of the invoice immediately with his or her smartphone, then attach it as a picture note to the Work Order in Intuit Field Service Management. When you do this, it will become a permanent part of the Work Order, and it’s immediately available for the person in the office to enter on the Purchase Order in QuickBooks. If necessary, you may enter it as a new item and the sync will make it available for the tech to use on the Invoice when the job is complete.

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