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Intuit Payment Issues with Magtek USB Card Readers

For those of you who have MagTek USB Card readers might recall some issues with them. The card readers are used in the Merchant Service Center with QuickBooks. One of our clients recently had an issue with it, and we reached out to the Intuit care team who gave us instructions for this specific problem.

adjust the MagTek card reader for optimal data transmission settings:

1. If you don’t already have it downloaded, download the MagTek Card Reader Utility from the MagTek website. Note: if the page says “Repair, Modify, or Remove”, you already have it downloaded.

2. Once you download this, you’ll see this icon on your desktop:


3. Launch the application.

4. From here, you’ll need to use two separate sections
a. Device Status Box – This field will originally say “Please wait, trying to detect USB device”. You want it to say “Detected, Keyboard mode device”
b. Send Message Dialog Box – you’ll use this to send messages with your card reader

5. Then, you’re going to have to enter a set of commands into the Send Message Dialog Box. You need to send the commands in this order. Once you enter one of them, press Send Message, clear the field, and send the next.
a. Hex Command “00 02”. Function: Display Polling Interval. Displays current settings
b. Hex Command: “01 02 0F”. Function: Set Polling Interval. Sets the polling interval to 15 milliseconds.
c. Hex Command “02”. Function: Cycle Power OFF/ON. Resets Card Reader by cycling power.

6. After you’ve enter these commands, swipe a credit card to make sure the card reader is working correctly, and you’ve solved the problem!

For more troubleshooting advice, check back on this blog or contact us.

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