How To Create a Sales Order in QuickBooks POS

How to Put a Sale on Hold in QuickBooks POS

Many of us can relate to this scenario – you begin the check out process with a customer when they decide they want to go look at a few more items. This video, from our free video series, teaches you how to put the sale on hold to allow your customer to continue shopping, and then continuing the process when they’re ready to finish the sale.

In the Make a Sale screen in QuickBooks POS, there’s a button on the bottom mid-right called “Put on Hold”. Once you select this button,that will allow you to continue to ring up other customers. When that customer returns to complete their transaction, you can click the button in the same place called “Held Receipts”.

Then, select that receipt from the list. You’re allowed to save more than one so be sure you pull back up the correct ticket. You can click “Unhold”, and it will bring those items up onto the sale receipt. It’s important to remember that until the transaction is completed, your inventory qualities are not going to change. After you unhold the transactions, proceed normally and complete the sale.

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