Intuit Saves the Day

This week, Mike Granek of Granek Solutions Inc. published a blog post discussing his positive experience with both Intuit and AQB.

One of Mike’s valued clients needed help. Her small business faced many challenges that usually hurt businesses of the time, including an outdated POS system and no funds to upgrade. In addition, his client suffered from a stroke a few years prior. Her health obviously suffered, but her passion for her business kept her going. Mike felt for this client, and without expecting much, decided to write a letter to Intuit to ask for help.

To his surprise, Intuit provided the client with $2,000 worth of the equipment she needed to get her business back on its feet. Additionally, Fourlane agreed to work with Mike so that he could correctly implement the system for his client.

Fourlane was happy to help, and this small act of kindness from Intuit was a miracle for a small business owner, and like Mike says over and over in his article, it’s hopeful to know that big businesses are willing to help the underdog.

Thanks Intuit!

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