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How to get QuickBooks to print to a thermal receipt printer

Do you need to print customer receipts from QuickBooks to a thermal receipt printer? This eHow article titled “How do I get QuickBooks to print to a thermal receipt printer?” by Jackie Lohrey is a tool that many QuickBooks users can benefit from.

For those QuickBooks users who need to print customer receipts, this is an important option to keep in mind. Although QuickBooks cannot automatically print to a thermal receipt, through the implementation of custom settings, anyone can use thermal receipts.

The instructions are listed as follows:

  1. Install the Receipt Printer
    1. Insert the Installation CD, select “cancel” when the Wizard pops up
    2. Turn on the printer, and plug a USB cable into the printer. Hold off on plugging it into the computer until setup is ready
    3. Control Panel > Printers > Add a Printer > Local Printer > Next
    4. If you don’t want this receipt printer as the default printer, clear the “Make this the default printer” checkbox, then select “Have Disk” to ensure the correct access and installation of print drivers
    5. Once setup is complete, connect the USB cable to the computer
    6. Modify the Sales Receipt Template
      1. Lists > Templates (select a template) > Additional Customization > Make a Copy
      2. Write in the sales receipt name
      3. Print > Use specified settings below for this Sales Receipt
      4. For size selections, select: Paper Size > Custom
      5. Customize your headers, footers, and columns in this section also
      6. Select “Print Preview” to approve your layout before you start printing, and then click “OK”
      7. Link Receipt Printer to Custom Receipt
        1. File > Printer Setup > Form Name > Thermal Sales Receipt
        2. Select the name that you chose for your printer
        3. Click “OK”

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