Fourlane Makes Donation to Texas Environmental Grassroots Organization

he Texas Campaign for the Environment is an important organization in Austin, and Fourlane has supported them with a $500 donation and full support.

According to the TCE’s website, their mission is to rid Texas from pollution. “Our mission is to empower Texans to fight pollution through sustained grassroots organizing campaigns that shift corporate and governmental environmental policy,” says the organization. The non-profit org is committed to spreading information to Texans about the quality of the environment in their state, and gives them info on how to act on the issues that affect all of our lives. The organization holds many accolades including nonprofit organization awards and environmental campaign awards. Their recent projects include projects against fracking in Dallas (http://www.texasenvironment.org/action_story.cfm?IID=1214) and support for better recycling in Houston (http://www.texasenvironment.org/action_story.cfm?IID=1268).

Additionally, the group faces opposition from powerful interests. “To fight organized money, we need organized people”. To join the movement, and to support the Texas Campaign for the Environment, visit their website at www.texasenvironment.org. And to visualize what your contributions would be supporting, check out the chart below.


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