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Intuit QuickBooks Release 9

QuickBooks Support recently released Release 9, a patch for QuickBooks Pro 2013, QuickBooks Premier 2013, and Enterprise Solutions 13.0.

The release notes can be found through this link.

R9 features some important changes, including, according to the website: “Resolved an unrecoverable error when creating a new transaction, improved messaging for H101 error, Support for Office 2013, [and] QBES Full Service Plan members will now be notified In Product when a new upgrade is available”.

Additionally, the website states that QuickBooks 2013 and Enterprise Solutions v13 R9 now recognizes Outlook 2013 as a default email client. Regarding file operations, selecting “no” on the H101 error dialog will direct QB to open the company file in Single User Mode. The error code “2088841171” will not display when opening a new transaction window, and QBES subscribers with Full Service Plans will now have access to “In Product messaging”.

This release for QuickBooks 2013 and Enterprise 13.0 can be downloaded here if you don’t have it already!

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