Custom Inventory Report in QuickBooks

Is there an inventory report in QuickBooks where I can see all activity by date range, and to only a range of products?

Some of my clients have reported that the volume of activity appearing on an inventory report can be overwhelming or difficult to sort through in QuickBooks. Sometimes it’s advantageous to create an inventory report that allows you to see specific portions of your activity. This quick tip will enable you to design an inventory report in which all activity is organized by date and product range.

Start by running a custom transaction detail report. Next, change the date range and total by item to the values you’re interested in. You can select specific items you wish to see by clicking on the Customize button and then Filters tab. From there, select Items on the left and then you can select multiple items from the drop down list; the items you put a check beside will be visible on your report. Now, when you run the report, only the desired activity will appear. This is a great way to consolidate data shown in your QuickBooks report!

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