How do I add multiple prices on a single price tag with QuickBooks POS?

Recently, a Point of Sale client asked Fourlane’s Sales Manager how to add multiple lines of pricing on printed tags inside of QuickBooks POS. The client deals in food products and reduces items’ prices monthly. So instead of continuously replacing price tags, they want something like this on each tag:

January: $20
February: $15
March: $10
April: $5

Originally, the client was disappointed to hear Chris knew of no way to perform the requested action. Unfortunately, the software only allows for one price per tag. Chris forwarded the question to AQB sales and service rep Craig for some help. Craig, agreeing there’s no way to change the specific tag, suggested an idea to add the Item Description feature to the tag, which is an option in QuickBooks POS. This will allow more room for multiple prices. It would look something like this:


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